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IMPORTANT: Local Elections affecting  Birchfield & Prince Albert Aston schools Olympiacos game Thursday May 2nd.

We were advised yesterday that unfortunately the above named schools are being used May 2nd as polling stations which will impact on car parking arrangements as noted below, we apologise for any inconvenience, normal service will resume for the Liverpool game on May 13th.


Birchfield school – we have a reduced capacity for pre payers which will result in some regular customers needing to pay on the night by cash or direct bank credit. There will be no parking on the left hand side of the driveway and at the bottom of the car park by the area where the bins are situated which is where the polling station entrance will be. All other areas will be available to park as normal and we have some extra parking spaces available in a small adjacent overspill car park.    


Prince Albert school Aston – unfortunately due to the configuration of the site we are unable to use any part of the playground as normal. However we have access to a smaller car park opposite the main entrance to the school with access on Whitehead Road B6 5NH. The capacity for pre payers is reduced and we can take a small number of customers paying on the night. We anticipate being full early accordingly we have an alternate option approximately 600 yards away at Aston Tower school on Upper Sutton Street B6 5BE and you can pre-pay on this website or on the evening as usual.         

Note - If you pay a parking fee for a car but arrive in a vehicle larger than a typical saloon car as noted in the T & C’s you will have to pay the balance due up to the cost of a larger vehicle rate on arrival before you will be allowed to park your car on the selected site.

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